Fwd: BEECHER COOPERATIVE – successful Self-Managed Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative NW DC, needs your participation

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From: Beecher Cooperative <beechercooperative@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Feb 23, 2019, 1:04 PM
Subject: BEECHER COOPERATIVE – successful Self-Managed Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative NW DC, needs your participation
To: Beecher Cooperative <beechercooperative@gmail.com>
Dear DC Limited-Equity Cooperative Housing Advocate or Stakeholder:

The Beecher Cooperative is DC's oldest self-managed Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative (LEC).  See background information attached.  Since 1979 we have successfully provided safe and affordable housing in Glover Park (NW DC, Ward 3) to our diverse cooperative membership.  We are dedicated to remaining self-managed and affordable and to supporting LECs in DC.  To this end, we need your help!
I am currently the Site-Manager at Beecher Cooperative.  I was also born and raised here at the Beecher, where my mother Nancy Rowand was the long-time Site-Manager and active in LEC work city-wide.  I am writing to everyone I've identified connected to LECs to make three important appeals.
1. Please attend April event on Successful LEC Self-Management.
I am writing to invite you to visit The Beecher Cooperative, in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, DC in April.  We are planning an open-house and discussion about 'Successful Self-Management for Limited-Equity Cooperatives'.  This will take place during the week of April 11th -15th.  We welcome and encourage your participation.  Details to follow.
Please respond directly if you are interested in attending or would like to participate in organizing the event.

2. We are looking for new members!
Please distribute widely the pre-application attached for those interested.  Once completed and returned, the prospective candidate will be placed on the waiting list.  Please contact me, Julian Rowand, Site-Manager, beechercooperative@gmail.com or 202-333-1681 for more information.
2. We are hiring employees!
We have been self-managed for over forty years and intend to remain self-managed to keep are costs low and to be able to respond to membership needs effectively and efficiently.  Like most successful housing cooperatives, we have relied on the labor of a handful dedicated members–this labor tends to be gendered often unsustainable.  
We are attempting to make the labor of running a successful self-managed LEC more equitable and sustainable.  Please help by recommending individuals who are interested in working for or with a successful DC LEC: YOURSELF, affordable property management professionals/advocates, persons with skills relevant to cooperative housing management, persons experienced with or interested in affordable housing work, social work, maintenance, cooperatives.
Finally, I am very grateful that the city has formally renewed it interest in LECs (with special thanks to Council Member Bonds) and am encouraged by the work of the recently formed LEC Taskforce and its Subcommittees (with special thanks to Paul Hazen).  The LEC Federation, also formed over the past few years, is well positioned to facilitate the outreach to LEC Boards and general membership that seems important to any examination of LECs in DC.  Please do connect with those involved in the Federation if you have not already and are a member of a DC LEC!
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Beecher Cooperative in April!
Many thanks,
Julian Rowand

The Beecher Cooperative, Inc.
2301 41st St NW
Washington DC 20007
Phone/Fax: 202-333-1681

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