In 2018, the Stakeholders Group took significant steps towards creating an Interim Steering Committee to guide its work moving forward, including planning for an eventual election of a Board of Directors and creation of a sustainable organization (structure to be determined).

We sought candidates to fill nine positions created by the volunteer Recruitment Committee. The positions derived from our mission statement and subsequent discussions. Below are the nine positions proposed: 

  1. Fund Development
  2. Outreach/Public 
  3. Policy/Legal
  4. Co-op Engagement
  5. Partnership Engagement
  6. Governance/Organizer
  7. Inclusivity/Access
  8. Feasibility Research
  9. Training

Each position is expected to lead the Stakeholders Group in their designated area of focus, and supported by subcommittee members. Service on the Board is without remuneration. Specific descriptions and suggested tasks and qualifications are listed below, but all members should:

The proposed selection process is as follows:

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