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Co-op Engagement


  1. Responsible for the leading outreach to existing and newly forming cooperatives in DC and the organizations that work with them, to help ensure cooperative engagement and representation at Stakeholder meetings and events.
  2. Ensure cooperative engagement is inclusive: help identify barriers to participation for cooperatives and create and implement strategies to overcome barriers
  3. Work with Stakeholder group to create events, resources, or programming that serves the interests of existing and newly forming cooperatives.
  4. Maintain and update the list of DC cooperatives

Preferred Experience:

  • Skills in outreach and communication.
  • Ability to communicate and engage diverse groups.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred but not necessary.
  • Experience as cooperative member.
  • Knowledge of existing cooperatives, resources, and local context; ideally is well-connected with a variety of co-ops and co-op leaders in the District.
  • Familiar with all the various forms of cooperatives (e.g. worker, consumer, purchasing, low-equity & market rate housing co-ops, marketing, credit unions, etc.)
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