Sovereign Earthworks is a cooperative/constellation of Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, Gender-Expansive, Black & Indigenous Folx rooting ourselves in our divine connection to Earth Mother while giving ourselves to the nourishment of our ancestors and our collective reimagining of what is possible to bring forth a world that centers food sovereignty, deep ancestral healing and autonomous liberation allowing us to reclaim our stories for the eighth generation.

Our vision centers Earth Mother, the land, through rebuilding and nourishing our relationship with the land, and being able to both be teacher and student. We, a collective of QTBIPOC+, whose mission is to rematriate land, back into the lands of QTBIPOC+ folx to ensure that we are given the space to create, envision and embody the create/imaginative future that we see for ourselves that decenters systems of oppression giving way to gentler more expansive way of being.

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