Interim Communications/Outreach Subcommittee

We are seeking at least three candidates to support the Stakeholders Group during an interim period, supporting communications and coordination needs. This team will have an essential role in ensuring that the Stakeholders Group maintains its objectives for co-op ecosystem growth and inter-connectivity.

Tasks include:

  • Support Stakeholder planning, promotion, and coordination of monthly general and/or subcommittee meetings.
  • Assist with aggregation, curation, and redistribution of resources shared by members and stakeholders during or between meetings, via online or offline media channels.
  • Assist with curation of meeting notes for distributing to broader group of meeting attendees.
  • Support further content sourcing, editing, and distributing of community sourced co-op ecosystem newsletter and other technical improvement opportunities.
  • Correspond with various members and subcommittees to distribute updates out to broader stakeholder network.
  • Perform administrative tasks (e.g. printing when applicable, follow-up emails, referral introductions, and others as necessary)
  • Assist with content creation for social media on various platforms for members to share with their respective audiences to promote group and partnered ecosystem efforts.
  • Facilitate recruitment of external or internal ambassadors who can work closely with partners and members.
  • Develop new processes and channels of communication to receive inquiries and feedback from the community. 
  • Provide creative services for production of public education materials.
  • Provide IT Training and onboarding assistance for sufficient maintainance and management of the Stakeholder Group’s current online platforms and accounts.
  • Compile overview of ongoing relevant overhead expenses to distribute among willing group members and/or sponsors.

This will be a commitment of an estimated total of 10-15 hours per week for X number of months.

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