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Mission Team

Team Members: Philip Sambol, Harold Pettigrew, Jennifer Byrant, Jim Johnson, Elijah Hope, & Rodney North

Mission Statement 

These objectives will guide us until July 2018, at which time the group should reevaluate its purpose and direction.

The mission of the cooperative stakeholders group is manifold, as are the values that shape our work. In this era of rising inequality we embrace cooperatives because they are a proven, scalable, and versatile alternative that creates a more equitable and democratically organized economy. 

Our Approach 

In all that we do we prioritize the inclusion and leadership of people and communities who traditionally have been economically marginalized and structurally excluded by traditional market forces, government policies and most civil society efforts. We will prioritize co-op development within these communities. We believe that all co-op development projects be substantially lead by the people who are, or will be, the members of those cooperatives. 

Our Broad Goal 

Our broad goal is to create a nurturing co-op eco-system in the District of Columbia that supports the vitality and growth of all types of existing co-ops and the successful launch of new co-ops. We will facilitate opportunities for all involved – or interested – in cooperatives to meet and forge productive relationships. 

Our Specific Goals 

We will prioritize worker and food-oriented cooperatives. We will also aim to work with the District government so that, where appropriate, the needs and the potential of co-ops are always considered, and co-op voices are part of deliberations. We aim to secure improved funding, a more favorable policy environment, and other forms of support from the city government. We aim to secure the resources necessary to create the District’s own cooperative development center that can either provide the various ‘wrap around’ services new and growing co-ops require, or can connect cooperative businesses with appropriate resources. 

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