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Partnership Engagement


  1. Be mainly responsible for engaging partners and identifying and leveraging the skills, expertise and assets of existing local and regional institutions and stakeholders.
  2. Help create an environment of trust and collaboration so that these institutions and stakeholders see the process as their own.
  3. Work closely with stakeholders from across the city to develop consensus around Cooperatives and its implementation
  4. Work closely with, and at the direction of, the Steering Committee in managing, assigning and coordinating activities of the project with partners.

Preferred Experience:

  • Maintain open and fluid communication with partners and stakeholder members
  • Coordinate all partnership and Stakeholder Member efforts
  • Work towards expanding and solidifying Stakeholder partnerships
  • When the Steering committee has outlined a work plan, assist in assigning duties and responsibilities to partnerships and Stakeholder Members
  • Coordinate activities of partners, and assists the Steering Committee in coordinating activities of governmental organizations, private sector business interests, non-profit and educational institutions
  • Evaluate availability of partner commitments and maintain an up-to-date record of available in-kind resources for the various phases of projects
  • Ability to communicate across diverse sectors and develop strategies for engagement.
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