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  1. Work closely with committee and subcommittee members to develop and implement engagement and outreach strategies as related to Cooperative Stakeholder initiatives.
  2. Inform or solicit community feedback in the creation of shareable content (webinars, infographics, press releases, radio interviews, etc.)
  3. Provide public relations strategy and materials to develop clear, concise, targeted, and consistent messaging about the center and programming with other stakeholders and members.
  4. Assist in drafting of proposals for awareness campaigns, planning community outreach events.


  1. Committee member must be able to articulately engage with all types of media, public officials and leadership from both non-governmental organizations and the co-op business community.
  2. Preferred DC resident or business owner— familiarity with local community strongly preferred.
  3. Preferred experience engaging with diverse audiences – including culturally and intergenerationally.
  4. A willingness to learn online tools for communication.
  5. Be open to adopting digital tools insofar as it is beneficial to the committee member(s).
  6. Excellent “soft skills” and customer service experience is required to facilitate constructive, collaborative, and outcome-oriented subcommittee meetings – encouraging and openly soliciting contributions from all stakeholders in attendance.
  7. A strong advocate and active supporter of local community-based engagement activities and learning opportunities.
  8. Diligent and responsive to public or internal inquiries and issues.
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