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Fundraising/Prospect Development Lead


  1. Coordinate fundraising activities and related materials to raise program related funds and oversee development of fundraising goals.
  2. Identify potential donors to solicit funding and gift opportunities.
  3. Collaborate with steering members to execute tasks.
  4. Maintain database partners and stakeholder members.
  5. Maintain database of potential funders.
  6. Outlined a fund development work plan.

Preferred Experience:

    • Coordinating meetings with partners and stakeholders
    • Maintain database of partners and stakeholder members.
    • Outline a work plan.
    • Coordinate activities of governmental organizations, private sector business interests, non-profit and educational institutions.
    • Maintain up-to-date record of available resources.
    • Prepare status reports and communication packages.
    • Ability to create an environment of trust and collaboration – building on stakeholder support for citywide cooperatives.
    • Related experience with special events, fund development and fundraising.
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