Feasibility Research


  • Lead and oversee the development of a comprehensive feasibility analysis for the creation of a co-op development center;
  • Participate in strategic planning and engagement of current and prospective stakeholders;
  • Develop needs assessment, capacity analysis, and pro formas/ financial projections;
  • Scope and estimate the design and implementation of prospective organizational systems and communications infrastructure, siting of facilities, certificates and permitting, etc.

Preferred Experience:

  • Delivered consulting and technical assistance services;
  • Served on the board or steering committee of a non-profit organization;


  • This is a summary of my resume:
    Ph.D. Economics, 1987, The American University, Washington, D.C., Fields: Industrial Organization, Urban Economics

    B.A. Political Science, 1976, University of California, Santa Cruz.

    • High-level expertise in econometrics, applied microeconomics, public policy and industrial organization.
    • High-level expertise in the economics of regulation pertaining to the Postal, Telecommunications, Cable Television,
    and Internet industries.
    • Excellent oral communication skills involving defense of testimony, public speaking, briefing members of Congress,
    Commissioners of State and Federal Utility Regulatory Agencies, their Technical Staff and Special Assistants.
    • Excellent written communications skills involving briefing Commissioners on technical materials, presenting policy
    options, writing issue briefs, policy reports, regulatory filings, and sections of Commission Orders and Technical
    • Works closely and successfully with academic experts, business counterparts, legal counsel and coalition partners in
    legislative, regulatory and litigation environments.
    • Assembles coalitions, negotiates compromises with opponents, and effectively ushers compromises through to final
    regulatory approval.
    • Develops and publishes in-depth research in peer-reviewed journals, and manages the research of professional

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