On October 26, 2019, DC Co-op Day brought together the DC co-op ecosystem - worker co-ops, limited equity housing co-ops, food co-ops, co-op technical assistance providers and co-op advocates - for a day of learning, connecting and organizing.

We learned together about DC’s radical co-op history, including about how limited equity housing co-ops have been and continue to be an important tool for fighting gentrification, and held workshops that cover things like:

  • Co-op governance and decision making,
  • How to start a co-op, and
  • How co-ops can get access to financing.

Co-op lawyers and business developers were also available to provide free advice.

Thanks to the contributions of our sponsors!

Lunch sponsored by Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF)

Breakfast sponsored by Capital Impact Partners

Please email us at mail@dcstakeholders.coop if you are interested in supporting or getting involved in future co-op events.



Photo Credits

Lateef Mangum

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