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– To bring more co-ops online and connected to each other and the resources they need to scale.
– To continue facilitating opportunities for building valuable connections across all sectors, demographics, and geographic boundaries.
– To bring greater awareness to the decades of cooperative organizing in DC and surrounding area and of local co-ops in operation today.

Our Cooperative Fundraising Model

100% Direct Funding,
0% Platform Fees!

Contributors pay the PayPal fee up front, and we don’t charge campaigners anything to post a project or pitch to the platform.

100% of the chosen donated amount goes directly to the project of choice.

Optional Contributions

We use crowdfunding to fund our work, just like you do.

We only get paid from explicit donations added on to project or campaign contributions.

Local Crowdfunding Alternative

We provide a local fundraising alternative to platforms such as Patreon, Kickstarter, or GoFundMe.

Instead of taking a cut of the funding raised by the platform’s fundraisers, crowdfunding capabilities are offered as a free utility for local co-operating businesses and groups.

An optional donation can be added to the donated amount to directly support the service providers further developing the site and cooperative network infrastructure.

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